Why not do resume by yourself?

It doesn’t matter that you already know how to write a resume because you have written many in the past. The competition now is far more fierce, with 100+ resumes to evaluate for every opening. Reviewers must be impressed within a few seconds, without really reading the details, for your resume to have any chance. Executives and professionals do not drill their own teeth, perform self-surgery or cut their own hair. Even Johnny Cochran has a personal attorney. They all get help from specialists. Improving your executive resume is no different. A veteran headhunter who has evaluated thousands of resumes and written hundreds himself will do a better job than you quicker than you at a price you will be earn back in less than a day.
You need a great resume — it’s your link to future opportunities. Your resume introduces you to your next employer and sells your future value. It represents you, so your executive resume must be outstanding.
If your executive resume fails to sell your best qualifications quickly and clearly, you may lose out to a less qualified candidate with a better-crafted resume. Don’t let that happen.
Smart executives hire professionals who really know how to write a resume that advertises strengths, downplays shortcomings, and commands attention by communicating quickly and clearly.

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